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Atlanta Family Counseling offers patients a continuum of Duluth addiction treatment and drug counseling services including evaluation services (drug, alcohol and clinical evaluations), an outpatient program, an intensive outpatient program, individual counseling as well as random urine drug screens.  These programs are flexible and unique to each individual. Our professional therapists are trained to provide expert substance abuse treatment that helps numerous people live without drugs and alcohol. The first step in helping yourself or a loved one is to schedule a drug and/or alcohol evaluation with one of our licensed counselors. Each therapist is experienced and dedicated to helping patients. If you or someone you love is in need of drug or alcohol therapy Duluth GA, allow our caring staff to assist in the recovery process.

Substance Abuse Treatments

DUI/ Clinical Eval- Our Duluth addiction treatment therapists at Atlanta Family Counseling are state approved evaluators and Level I Treatment providers.  This evaluation will determine the specific level of care needed for each patient.

Outpatient Program – Our Outpatient Program involves group process and education. This form of treatment helps numerous patients. A major focus of this program is on learning healthy life coping skills and relapse prevention.  Our rehabilitation therapists will review ways to live while maintaining a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.   The evaluation with one of our licensed counselors will determine the specific level of care needed.

Intensive Outpatient Program (I.O.P.) – The Intensive Outpatient Program provides a high degree of structure and promotes a profound analysis of issues affecting group members.  Patients in need of this program attend more weekly sessions and may involve individual, group and family sessions to promote a healthy lifestyle without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Drug Screens – Members in our programs are expected to submit to random drug screens as part of their addiction treatment. AFCC offers drug screening as a walk-in service for those not enrolled in programming.  We can also administer breathalyzers and 80 hour alcohol screens on a walk-in basis.

AFCC - Expert substance abuse counselors who care about the health of each patient. Contact us today for drug therapy Duluth GA and let us assist you in leading a healthy life.

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